Buh Bayh

Charles Lane titles his take on Evan Bayh’s surprise announcement that he will not run for reelection in November, “Bayh to Obama: take this job and shove it.” That appears to be exactly what Bayh has just done:

Millions of Americans long to tell their bosses “take this job and shove it.” Hardly any have the power and money to do so, especially in these recessionary times. Sen. Evan Bayh (D) of Indiana, however, is the exception. His stunning retirement from the Senate is essentially a loud and emphatic “screw you” to President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. For months now, Bayh has been screaming at the top of his voice that the party needs to reorient toward a more popular, centrist agenda — one that emphasizes jobs and fiscal responsibility over health care and cap and trade. Neither the White House nor the Senate leadership has given him the response he wanted. Their bungling of what should have been a routine bipartisan jobs bill last week seems to have been the last straw.

Lane speculates – and I suspect – that Bayh is gearing up for a run at the Oval Office as soon as 2012. I have no doubt whatsoever that the Wizard of 0 and his munchkin advisers suspect the exact same thing. And they should be nervous. A man who makes is a point to slam Washington on his way out the door is delivering a mighty slap at the man behind the curtain who pretended that he would change things in the district.

If this report is correct, Indiana may very likely fall to the Republicans in November. The calculus is changing rapidly. A red tide that sweeps control of both houses of Congress is becoming more likely.

Funny thing. This article ran just a few days ago describing the all out frontal assault the Democrats had unleashed on Bayh’s Republican challenger, former Indiana Senator Dan Coats. So either the nuking did not work and Bayh was getting nervous after seeing some internal polling or Bayh just decided to try for the presidency – and essentially urinated on the White House help he just got in the political hack job they pulled on Coats.

Either way, Obama and his minions look like they failed.


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  1. Phineas says:

    I don’t think Bayh has much of a shot at the Presidency. Not only did his retirement statement contain what sounded like fishing for a big, cushy private sector job, but his voting record has been anything but moderate. Consider:

    1) He voted to end debate on ObamaCare and send the bill to the floor last Christmas Eve.

    2) He’s supported the cap-and-tax legislation.

    3) He voted against John Roberts’ confirmation.

    And these are just examples off the top of my head. I think his reputation as a moderate has been shot in Indiana, and Bayh was worried that a challenger could expose him the way his father was exposed as a liberal by Dan Quayle in the 1980(?) upset.

    I do think you’re right, however, that Reid’s bungling of the so-called jobs bill was the last straw. And he’s left the Democrats in a bind to find a replacement candidate. Right now, according to Hot Air, they’re close to being stuck with a moonbat Lefty as their nominee, which would all but give the seat to the Republicans: http://goo.gl/RGSt

    The ratlines are getting awfully crowded in the race to get off the good ship SS Democrat.

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