Somebody Buy That Man A Clue

One wonders if even a cluebat would get it through John Podesta’s skull that he just might be wrong here:

In a video interview posted on the newspaper’s website Monday, Podesta also bemoaned the present political climate in Washington and expressed frustration with inability of the White House and Congress to advance the president’s agenda.

“Change is hard in America. We’ve all learned that over the last year,” said the former White House chief of staff under Bill Clinton. “There is real frustration amongst independent voters, and anger amongst independent voters.”

Voters have become discouraged, Podesta said, by seeing “no spirit in which people were having a reasonable conversation” during the health care debate and from “the last twist and turns on health care, the special deals that had to be made in the Senate to get the 60 votes.”

One suspects that it never even crosses Podesta’s mind that the American people are not buying what the Democrats are trying to sell for a reason.  They do not want it because they value their liberty and do not want more government control.  In other words, Podesta cannot conceive that he might be completely wrong about what he thinks America wants.

Why else would Massachusetts, of all places, elect a Republican to fill the seat once held by Teddy Kennedy?  That event is not a miscommunication. That event was an express delivery of the truth.

Back away from the big government agenda that Obama and Podesta are pushing, Democrats. Do not misread what the voters are telling you.

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4 Responses to Somebody Buy That Man A Clue

  1. Maggie says:

    The democrats just can’t seem to grasp the idea that the American people are awake and scaring the hell out of the politicians.

  2. Andrew X says:

    I cannot remember an administration as astonishingly tin-eared as this one.

    Keep chanting that pathetic, infintile “Chaaaaaaange” mantra, guys, just keep doing it. Eventually it has to work, just like it used to.

    As for the GOP, in the same spirit, they need something every bit as effective, hip, and up-to-date. How about… Compassionate Conservatism”??

    Yeah, that’ll do it, the kids’ll eat it up! Real cutting edge, and all.

    Or why not, “Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too”!

    “Chaaaange is haaaaaard!”


  3. Thomas Jackson says:

    Podesta is just a Marxist. Why would he have faith in the American political system.

  4. Mockingbird says:

    Those Marxists like Obama and Podesta feel entitled and reality be gone.They feel that politicians shouldn’t have to endure the indignity of elections by the people.
    Nov. 2010 is coming…
    And we ain’t forgettin’…

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