The Undead Are Restless

The Chicago Tribune:

There’s one way for Democrats to start restoring trust. They could formally swear off using the legislative trick called “reconciliation.” Right now, they’re clinging to it as a back-door way to shove their much-maligned health care plans through Congress.

The House and Senate have passed different versions of health care, but they don’t much like each other’s bills. The public doesn’t like either of the bills. While Democratic leaders were haggling over what to do next, the whole effort flatlined when Republican Scott Brown won a special Senate election in Massachusetts.

So their bills are like zombies, floating in the netherworld. Not quite dead, clinging to life only because Democratic leaders keep whispering about this legislative maneuver called reconciliation.

It’s a complex, lightly used budget-related gambit that “was never designed for this purpose,” says Robert Dove, the Senate’s parliamentarian emeritus who helped create the process.

What we need is a few good cricket bats.

Seriously, the Republicans need to walk out on the sham photo-op Obama has planned. The entire dog and pony show is only meant to delay and divert attention while Reid and Pelosi scheme to try to trick the rules of the Senate to pass anything they can before the public gets wise to them. Or rather, even more of the public wises up as many already have. This is a horrible bill that the majority of the public does not want. The “pivot” to focusing on the economy lasted about three seconds and has now dropped from Obama’s consciousness.

All he cares about are his zombies.

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