McQ over at QandO is thinking right along the same lines as I am about the so-called health care summit Obama has called.

Obama gets his moment recorded by the TV cameras no less. And mournfully he pronounces the Republicans as obstructionists who refused to negotiate in good faith as the great and wonderful Democrats have offered to do. And because of that, it is with a heavy heart and reluctantly he is forced to agree with the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that reconciliation is the only route left open to them to do “what is right” for the American people.

Go read the whole thing, there’s a lot more that McQ thinks is coming. NRO sees the trap as well and offers some advice:

They should keep the focus on the defects of the Democrats’ proposals. Thus they should resist two temptations. The first is to dwell overlong on the advantages of their own free-market plans. When the president criticizes Republicans’ ideas, they should defend those ideas but move quickly back to the subject at hand. Building support for Republican reforms is a long-term project that requires the defeat of Obamacare in this legislative session.

Frankly, I don’t see any upside to the Republicans even showing up. The lapdog media will excoriate them whether they do or not. That same Obama house organ will declare Obama the winner regardless of whether he really is or not.

It’s a lose-lose-lose all the way around. Harry Reid has already declared that they will try to use reconciliation to pass this monstrosity, regardless of the outcome of the “summit”.

The fix is in – it isn’t worth the effort to attend Obama’s kangaroo court.

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5 Responses to Kabuki

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  2. feeblemind says:

    I concur Gaius. I see no upside to this for the repubs.

  3. ropelight says:

    Last night, Hannity offered the following:

    Agree to the scheduled meeting with Obama, Reid, Pilosi and the other Democrats only on the condition Republicans get equal time at the podium to present their healthcare proposals.

    No equal time, no meeting.

  4. dorf says:

    It may be lose–lose but if they show the loss may be mitigated. Until the game is joined they have no chance to return the favor of different ideas in the PUBLIC forum.

  5. Maggie says:

    ropelight –

    I agree, and I’ll add the GOP should bring their own beer and not share with the dems or Obama, eh.

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