I had to work today, so I was unable to watch the “summit”. But I knew it did not go as expected when I heard NPR’s reporting on it.  They are desperately spinning the result as “nobody really expected it to work”. They were not crowing about Obama’s performance. In fact, they admitted that Obama had felt the need to hold an impromptu press conference on a lunch break to try to spin things his own way.

In other words, it is like Copenhagen (twice).

It did not work.

It appears to have backfired mightily. Paul Ryan has been heard speaking some very solid American values and common sense.

The difference is this. We don’t think all the answers lie in Washington.

By federalizing the regulation of insurance, and by mandating exactly how it’ll work, you make it more expensive and you reduce the competition among insurers for peoples business. We want to decentralize the system, give more power to small businesses, more power to individuals, and make insurance compete more. But if you federalize it, you standardize it and mandate it, you do not achieve that. And that’s the big difference.

That sound bite would never have been reported by the MSM. That alone damages the Wizard’s plans.

I’m quite happy that what I feared did not happen.  I’m pretty sure that the White House wishes today had not happened.

Because it did not work as planned. Obama did not overawe and silence the opposition. His awesome awesomeness failed – yet again.

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5 Responses to Backfire

  1. Phineas says:

    Paul Ryan was incredible. The Republicans brought solid, serious players to the game today, ready to talk policy and philosophy. Obama and the congressional Democrats weren’t even in their league.

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  3. Picric says:

    I read somewhere that it is only a trap if you do not know it. The Dem’s Set this up thinking that the Republicans would not attend and could be branded as the Party of No, or would show up and could get pushed around by the press and the assorted rep’s. But instead they showed up with facts and a logical argument, and the only thing that was left to do was go through with it and take the beating.

  4. Maggie says:

    1) Paul Ryan is the future of the GOP, possibly a serious run at the Presidency

    2) even that girl Chris Matthews has noted that Obama insisted on addressing those at the ‘summit’ by their first names … however, that’s not entirely the truth … he addressed the republicans there by their first names, while always addressing the democrats by their titles and last names.

    This man is a cheap and useless pimple on this country.

    Thank’s so much, Obamabots for voting him in like some VD on this country.

  5. Andy T says:

    It is only a trap if you don’t know it, and it was a trap for the Dems. Once the Reps showed, and showed seriously, the trap was sprung on the Dems. If (when) they go ahead and try to reconcile, they will be the ones shown badly to the country.

    Borrowed dentures and letters from farmers that happened to arrive that morning (how convenient) are not the way to make policy for a NATION, and everyone, even the most brain dead liberal knows that. Now most liberals want the government in charge of your life (although presumably that would exclude a pregnant woman who is to have full charge of the other life) so they don’t care. However, independents and those who may be unsure of where they are on the issue heard Paul Ryan at least in partm and heard about borrowed dentures. One person was serious, one party was serious, the other was not.

    The other more damaging thing was the damage done to the President. He came across as little more than a deputy prime minister. He also revealed his full array of weaknesses. The summit probably also damaged the institution of the Presidency, but maybe that is overplaying it. John Bolton has referred to him as a post-American President. Yesterday, he behaved like a post-presidential President. I thought it was potentially far worse than the way Clinton resurrected his Presidency by essentially becoming America’s mayor. Obama was just another legislator, which is not, and in his own (my time does not count because I am President) words the first amongst them. As the only one in the room elected by the entire country, he bears a different responsibility and if he does not realize that, he will join Jimmy as a one termer.

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