Desperate Sob Stories

Via Ann Althouse, my own former Congresswoman reels out a desperate sob story in a desperate attempt to desperately pass anything.

I didn’t like her back in the day when I lived in her district, I still don’t.

But she looked very, very nervous, didn’t she?

There are no safe seats, Louise. One wonders if that realization is what made her look so nervous.

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3 Responses to Desperate Sob Stories

  1. ropelight says:

    No doubt Louise was feeling a little vulnerable, that’s also the impression I got. She was clearly uncomfortable telling that chopper whopper with the cameras focused on her, especially since her fellow Democrats had already abused the sob story talking point to the extent it had become both tedious and so obviously false as to embarrass even a Congressional Democrat.

  2. Steve Burri says:

    I had to have a little fun with Louise as well.

  3. B.B. says:

    Never mind Louise… Damn, but Paul Ryan took the Left to the woodshed. And he made Obama look like a bumbling idiot. Ryan was articulate, assertive, confident, didn’t stumble over his words, made his point eloquently and in great detail. I was truly impressed.

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