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Quid Pro Bribe

Simply stunning, bald-faced bribery: The 11 House Democrats led by Rep. Bart Stupak who dropped their opposition to health care reform legislation mere hours before the final vote have requested $3.4 billion in earmarks — and one watchdog group wants … Continue reading

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Into The Valley

They followed their leader right over the cliff and into the valley. The Wizard assured them it would be good for them come November. The public disagrees. So unexpectedly low is 44 percent that they didn’t even bother to model … Continue reading

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Downgrading America

Robert Samuelson: When historians recount the momentous events of recent weeks, they will note a curious coincidence. On March 15, Moody’s Investors Service — the bond rating agency — published a paper warning that the exploding U.S. government debt could … Continue reading

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When Smoke And Mirrors Fail

Whoopsie. They did not get away with it. They did not manage to ram ObamaCare down America’s throat without a very, very heavy butcher’s bill: Florida voters dislike the new healthcare law so much that President Barack Obama and the … Continue reading

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Somewhere Between Decline And Catastrophe

Mark Steyn on the coming tax binge if Democrats are not turned out of office in November: Can we afford this? No. Even on the official numbers, we’re projected to add to the existing $8 trillion in debt another $12 … Continue reading

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Democrats are also wasting no time in trying desperately to suppress information of the real costs of their ObamaCare Obamination. Reliable hitman Henry Waxman is going after companies that have told the truth about what the hideous bill will mean … Continue reading

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The Media Pulls Out The Stops

Wow. You just gotta love this. CNN grossly – really, really grossly – misrepresents the turnout for a Tea Party. Jim Hoft has the photos to prove CNN’s distortion. Jim got the photos of the “dozens” of people who turned … Continue reading

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Paving The Road To Hell

An eight-lane one way road that will kill a lot of Democrat’s political careers is being bought tonight. The bribes, promises and back room wheeling and dealing are ongoing as I type this. But the triumphalism in the media indicates … Continue reading

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Via NRO and Memeorandum. Tweet

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The Job Killer

Caterpillar is warning that the current health care “reform” will cost that company $100 million in the first year alone: The Peoria-based company said these provisions would increase its insurance costs by at least 20 percent, or more than $100 … Continue reading

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Talking Points Versus Reality

Ramesh Ponnuru over at NRO throws cold water on the latest round of lies the Wizard of 0 and his mendacious munchkins are throwing around: Talking point: The bill will give tens of millions of Americans the same insurance choices … Continue reading

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This Way To The Slaughterhouse

I’ve mentioned before that Louise Slaughter was once my representative in Congress. She got the job without my vote, I can assure you. Now you see why: But Mrs. Pelosi & Co. fear they lack the votes in the House … Continue reading

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Why Jump Over The Cliff?

The Orange County Register: The argument is made that not passing a bill will create an aura of failure around the administration and the Democrats, hurting them much more than passing a bill with a bare majority in the face … Continue reading

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Shorter Gibbs

When House Democrats vote for the Senate bill, there will be no reconciliation. If Reid even tries to pass one, the attempt will be as lame as everything Harry tries. So House Democrats will be jumping off a cliff – … Continue reading

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The Psychotic Mathematics Of ObamaCare

It doesn’t add up – unless you count adding to the deficit and the deranged spending. Then it adds up real, real fast: So how much must the government borrow to pay for reform? That’s the true measure of future … Continue reading

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