Ships and passengers frozen in ice near Sweden:

Thirty to 40 ships — including several passenger ships — were stuck Thursday in ice off the coast of Sweden, said a spokesman for the Maritime Search and Rescue Center in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The area of the Baltic Sea worst hit by the ice were the waters bounded by mainland Sweden, the Stockholm archipelago and the Finnish island of Aland, said Tommy Gardebring, press officer with the Swedish Maritime Administration.

The center identified one of the passenger ships as the Amorella, with 753 passengers and 190 crew members.

Several passenger vessels from Viking Line were stuck, he said. One of them had been freed.

Of course, according to global warmening theory, such an event is unpossible. An event like this would put the North Dakota Banana Growers Association into receivership. But never fear, true believers! We here at the Blue Crab Boulevard Academy of Scientifical Studies have applied the Jones-Mann-Hansen “Hide the Decline” formula to the temperature data from the Baltic and have great news! The ships, their crews and the passengers are not actually frozen in the ice.

They actually flashed to incandescent gas when the scientifically corrected temperature hit 25,000° C.

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  1. Mike in Texas says:

    This article gives a great summary of all the falsehoods in the globull warming debate:


  2. Bleepless says:

    You are, of course, right. This “freezing” nonsense is the result of journalistic bias.

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