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How To Destroy An Economy

The CBO looks at Obama’s budgets: If President Obama’s 2011 budget were put into effect as proposed, the U.S. federal government would add an estimated $9.8 trillion to the country’s accrued debt over the next decade, according to a preliminary … Continue reading

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You Say It’s Better, U-6 Says Otherwise

Gee, only 36,000 jobs disappeared in America last month! Everything is coming up roses! We’re in the money! You’re out of the woods, America! That’s the spin today. Unfortunately, the U-6 tells a completely different story. What’s the U-6, U … Continue reading

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The New Rich

USA Today brings out yet another shocker: Federal pay exceeds that of private sector jobs of the same type. And the Federal benefits for those lavishly paid positions are absolutely obscene: Overall, federal workers earned an average salary of $67,691 … Continue reading

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