The Psychotic Mathematics Of ObamaCare

It doesn’t add up – unless you count adding to the deficit and the deranged spending. Then it adds up real, real fast:

So how much must the government borrow to pay for reform? That’s the true measure of future deficits. Let’s start with the CBO’s “deficit reduction” estimate of $118 billion.

First, we’ll subtract the Doc Fix of $371 billion, which Obama does not pay for and must be borrowed. That wipes out all of the theoretical decline in the deficit and leaves a shortfall of $253 billion.

Then we’ll subtract the tax revenues that are owed for entitlements, and therefore excluded from paying for the bill: $70 billion from the CLASS Act, $52 billion for Social Security, and $113 billion for Medicare. That subtotal: $235 billion.

So the full amount that must be borrowed by 2019 is $488 billion. (That’s 39% of the total cost, composed of the $875 billion official estimate plus the Doc Fix of $371 billion, for a total of $1.25 trillion.) Add in interest, which is excluded from the official CBO cost, and the total amount approaches $600 billion. So the U.S. will need to borrow an additional $600 billion to pay for a new medical system — one that won’t be up and running until 2014.

In other words, Obama and his minions are telling lies. Flat lies. This is a road to bankruptcy for the nation. Please go over and read the entire piece, it is important. Spread the word about the accounting gimmicks and outright fraud that is being spread by the Wizard’s supporters.

This fraud will enrich unions, swell the bureaucracy and short-change Americans. The bill will drive up costs, reduce coverage and impose a lavishly paid and wildly over-benefited bureaucrat between you and your doctor. It will damage us beyond belief.

The damage will be immediate and lasting.

America is being sacrificed on the alter of Obama’s ego.

Start making calls, folks. Make sure your Representative knows that you will be very, very unhappy with a yes vote and will volunteer for and donate to any candidate who votes no – or who runs to replace the yes voter.

Say it with a smile and mean every word.

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3 Responses to The Psychotic Mathematics Of ObamaCare

  1. SparetheChange says:

    The $118 billion “deficit reduction” pares small compared to the $220 billion deficit chalked up for the month of February this year. With these kinds of savings we will all be asking for spare change.

  2. Ted G. says:

    A blatant attempt by this socialist administration to take over our government.

    Let us vote these democrats out in November.

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