Paving The Road To Hell

An eight-lane one way road that will kill a lot of Democrat’s political careers is being bought tonight. The bribes, promises and back room wheeling and dealing are ongoing as I type this. But the triumphalism in the media indicates that the sweetheart deals and the promises will pay off – partly.

The House appears ready to pass the Senate bill along with a package of “fixes” to it. Unfortunately, the fixes appear to be heading for the rocks – something I have said all along:

Senate Republicans say they can get the whole package of reconciliation fixes – the fix-its that make the Senate plan palatable to House Democrats – thrown out with a trump card procedural motion. And they say Democrats are slow-walking a decision from the parliamentarian until the House passes the Senate bill.

That means the Senate bill, which everyone in the House seems to universally hate, will be the law of the land.

This afternoon Senate Republicans say Democrats won’t meet with them and the parliamentarian – a charge Democratic staffers call “absurd”. (The timing of the allegation also works as a last-minute, probably too-late message to wavering House Democrats).
Bottom line: Don’t expect the health reform debate to end tonight even though the health reform bill will become law as soon as Obama signs the Senate bill.

Pray for your children. Pray for your grandchildren. Pray this can be stopped. If it passes, pray it can be repealed before the impending economic collapse becomes inevitable.  The taxation alone in this horrible bill will cripple the economy. When the bill kicks in fully, it will destroy lives – and America.

If the Democrats pass this beast, pray they are gone politically in the next election. Make sure that there are no safe seats for such as these.

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7 Responses to Paving The Road To Hell

  1. martian says:

    As far as I’m concerned the entire House of Representatives needs to be replaced in November. I’m not all that pleased with the performance of the GOP congressmen, either.

  2. B.B. says:

    Martian, don’t be so quick to judge them all. A few of the reps acquitted themselves well. Paul Ryan comes readily to mind. Now is not the time for blind rage, now it the time for a very focused anger — white-hot, yes, but with a laser-like focus. direct your energies specifically towards those who voted yes for this abomination. Teach them a lesson noone will soon forget — you ignore the will of the people at your own peril.

  3. chuck says:

    If you are going to hell, high speed rail is the way to go.

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  5. Adriane says:

    No! No! No! Show some respect for tradition!

    It’s hand baskets or nothing…

  6. Walter says:

    Yes, B.B., a white hot, well-focused anger: “hang them all, G-d will know His own” seems nicely focused. We tried teaching the GOP a lesson in 2006. Did they learn? We’re dealing with a verrry slow political class here. Total mayhem might not suffice to get the attention of these fools.

  7. ropelight says:

    Before we can teach lessons, we should learn them well.

    In 2006 MSM used religious bigotry to split support for Romney and make McCain the GOP’s candidate. The double-dealing McCain’s campaign was all but finished when MSM tricked religious conservatives into a hissy fit over Romney’s Mormon religion.

    Having split support for Romney, MSM quickly resuscitated McCain, thus was he elevated, and anointed. But McCain was always doomed to defeat in the general election. Too many conservatives didn’t trust the Senate’s Maverick, they still don’t.

    Sure McCain pulled a rabbit out of his hat and got some unexpected traction after selecting Sarah Palin for VP, but her influence was blunted after MSM’s onslaught of character assassination and ridicule.

    McCain’s defeat had always been a foregone conclusion, he was a sacrificial lamb, the fix was in, he couldn’t unify the conservative base and everyone knew it. The Democrat Party was already counting their chickens.

    At first, MSM had labored to pave the way for Hillary Clinton, but the obnoxious shrew turned off so many Democrat and Independent voters that her combined and accumulated failings cracked open the door for Obama, who initially was only running to pad his resume and establish his presence on the national political stage. The junior Senator from Chicago was only planning for the future and biding his time for another day.

    So, the lesson here is never let the MSM pick your candidate, they really aren’t very good at it.

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