The Media Pulls Out The Stops

Wow. You just gotta love this. CNN grossly – really, really grossly – misrepresents the turnout for a Tea Party. Jim Hoft has the photos to prove CNN’s distortion.

Jim got the photos of the “dozens” of people who turned out to try to get rid of Harry Reid from this site. That’s dozens, alright. Looks like several thousand dozens at least.

The media, having helped drag ObamaCare across the line, thereby screwing America – and probably their jobs in the process – are now desperately trying to drag Democrats across the finish line in November. They will stop at nothing now. Any lie, no matter how blatant, will be told to shore up the Democrats to try to shield them from the wrath of the voters.

It will not work this time. Too many Americans are disgusted with Washington and the antics of the Democrats to get their wildly expensive, grossly under-funded and ultimately job-killing initiative passed by whatever means necessary.

The payback will be biblical.

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One Response to The Media Pulls Out The Stops

  1. ropelight says:

    Unfortunately, there’s no controlling legal authority to certify attendance numbers, so the reality-based community can make up the rules for crowd estimates as they go along. It allows Democrats to ignore inconvenient facts, govern against the will of the people, and spend money we don’t have on projects we don’t want.

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