Into The Valley

They followed their leader right over the cliff and into the valley. The Wizard assured them it would be good for them come November.

The public disagrees.

So unexpectedly low is 44 percent that they didn’t even bother to model it. Although the results are clear enough: If these numbers held on election day, you’d be looking at upwards of 60 seats flipping. Which isn’t the first time we’ve heard that speculation.

It’s early, there are many months until election. But I really do not see this ending well for the Democrats. I think a lot of average people – including rather a lot who have never been political before now – are very, very fired up to pay back this affront to America and Americans.

A large portion of the media is destroying itself in an effort to hold the gates for the Democrats. But in the end, they will destroy themselves in the effort. There is a tide rising. A tsunami is hurtling toward the Democrats.

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3 Responses to Into The Valley

  1. jefferson101 says:

    A Tsunami may be headed for the Demoncrats, but the only question I have is if it will do us any good withal.

    If half of the folks who get elected in the place of the Democrats are McCain Republicans? We’re still screwed. The dogs bark, but the Statist caravan will move on, with some minor tweaks around the edges.

    I’d like to be more optimistic, but for every real Republican out there, there is a Lindsey Graham. We’re toast at that rate.

  2. skeneogden says:

    I’m praying that you are right about November, but I’m not convinced the GOP has the right leadership to take full advantage of the Dems fecklessness.

  3. Ted G. says:

    The GOP should have in place an “immediate response and attack” team to the daily democratic lies and distortions. And the GOP should counterattack.

    The GOP appear to be wimps, and wimps do not win.

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