Tax Tyranny

Jonah Goldberg in USA Today:

Individual liberty is far from the only concern, either. The kind of country we want to be is deeply bound up in taxation. The Tax Foundation estimates that some 60% of American families already get more from the government than they pay in taxes (and the top 10% of earners pay more than 70% of the income taxes). If all of President Obama’s plans are enacted, that percentage will increase. We are heading toward being a country where instead of the people deciding how much money the government should have, the government decides how much money the people should have.

Only after they passed “ObamaCare” did Democrats clarify that this was one of their motives. ObamaCare’s appeal has less to do with saving money — which it won’t do — and more to do with spreading the wealth around. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., recently admitted that alleviating the “maldistribution of income in America” from the haves to the have-nots is one of the legislation’s real benefits.

And that’s the real problem. The Democrats have decided that they are more wise about how your money should be spent than you are. They have acted on that and passed a bloated health care “reform that will not control costs, will reduce your health care choices, will cripple this and future generations with heavy-handed taxation and will cause incredible economic harm to this nation in the long run.

This has to be stopped.

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  1. dorf says:

    I have stopped looking for employment of any kind just because I can GET BY. I could and would work if the taxation did not make what I could earn merely minimum wage or less. I am doing NOTHING and I am NOT FINISHED.

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