Played For A Sucker

Or childishly naive narcissist meets the real world. While Barack “Kick Me” Obama cheerfully glad handed with Russian puppet-president Medvedev today signing a new nuclear arms treaty, the Russians were busy working against American interests in Kyrgyzstan – helping to overthrow the existing government and replacing it with an anti-American, Russian-subservient one:

Kyrgyzstan’s self-proclaimed new leadership said on Thursday that Russia had helped to oust President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, and that they aimed to close a U.S. airbase that has irritated Moscow. (Emphasis added)

Their comments set Wednesday’s overthrow of Bakiyev, who fled the capital Bishkek as crowds stormed government buildings, firmly in the context of superpower rivalry in central Asia.

No sooner had presidents Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev signed an arms reduction pact in Prague as part of an effort to “reset” strained relations than a senior official in Medvedev’s delegation urged Kyrgyzstan’s new rulers to shut the base.

The one may have sprained himself patting his own back over what a super-genius he is, but the Russians look at the increasingly diminishing Wizard of 0 and see a weak, little man with a very large ego. So they stoke the ego for a bit, then kick sand in his face.

Yeah, The 0 is going to reset relations with Russia, alright. Right back to the old Soviet-era relations.

Feel safer now that Obama is trying to unilaterally disarm America in the face of Russian empire-rebuilding? Is this the change you hoped for?

About the only one happy right now is Jimmy Carter – who is no longer the worst American president in living memory.

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4 Responses to Played For A Sucker

  1. shaman says:

    The closing of the base will be used as an excuse to end the war.

  2. shaman says:

    Here’s the deal you knuckle dragging mouth breather. We lose the air base we have a very good reason to end the war. To be on the safe side, we should piss off Turkey. So, not only did Obama end the war in Afghanistan, he also brought us back from the brink of nuclear doom. Next year when Obama receives his second Peace Prize, you’ll know what true greatness is.

  3. Walter says:

    Carter’s still the worst President in living memory — until the Weak Won gets us attacked. Probably not a long wait, but you still ought to let Jimmah bask in the ignominy for a bit longer. He deserves it.

  4. Bleepless says:

    Dear Walter,
    I humbly disagree. In his interminably-long four years, Jimmah was nowhere as bad as Comrade Ayers-Obama has been so far, and two-plus more years to go. I rather suspect that we would be less-badly off with The Peanut. Grit your teeth and keep checking the calendar.

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