Represented Without Taxation

Mark Steyn:

And yet, for an increasing number of Americans, tax season is like baseball season: It’s a spectator sport. According to the Tax Policy Center, for the year 2009 47 percent of U.S. households will pay no federal income tax. Obviously, many of them pay other kinds of taxes – state tax, property tax, cigarette tax. But at a time of massive increases in federal spending, half the country is effectively making no contribution to it, whether it’s national defense or vital stimulus funding to pump monkeys in North Carolina  full of cocaine (true, seriously, but don’t ask me why). Half a decade back, it was just under 40 percent who paid no federal income tax; now it’s just under 50 percent. By 2012, America could be holding the first federal election in which a majority of the population will be able to vote themselves more government lollipops paid for by the ever-shrinking minority of the population still dumb enough to be net contributors to the federal treasury. In less than a quarter-millennium, the American Revolution will have evolved from “No taxation without representation” to representation without taxation. We have bigger government, bigger bureaucracy, bigger spending, bigger deficits, bigger debt, and yet an ever smaller proportion of citizens paying for it.

Not that the un-income-taxed will escape the other, relentless taxes that the Democrats are already imposing (and will pile on even higher unless they are stopped). Hell, the first major tax increase Obama signed into law was aimed squarely at the lower tier of American taxpayers.

It will not end there – and will end badly for everyone in this country. But Steyn is quite correct, these moves by the Democrats are aimed to create dependency. They want a subservient class dependent on Federal handouts. People willing to sacrifice liberty for a few bucks. Never mind that the handouts will barely cover the extra tax burdens that will have to be shouldered as the Federal money is spent. That free money will cost more than it gives.

Too bad that too many won’t see the chains the cash camouflages.

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  1. Ted G. says:

    Vote the Democrats out of office in November.

    In the words of VP Joe Biden,”It’s a big ‘effing’ deal”.

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