Tax The Sick

Or three more wunnerful improvements that ObamaCare brings America:

Seven: You don’t think Democrats in Congress would knock over their own cancer-stricken mothers to squeeze out a few extra dollars for earmarks? Oh, you’re so wrong.

Currently, people with massive medical expenses — more than 7.5 percent of their income — can deduct them on their taxes. Under Obamacare, the threshold goes up to 10 percent in 2013 for younger taxpayers and in 2017 for older ones.

According to the Hill, this unnoticed tax hike will squeeze $15.2 billion out of 15 million very sick people, 99 percent of whom make less than $200,000 per year.

So much for Obama’s promises not to tax those who aren’t “rich”. Please go read the rest. There are more and more things we are finding out about the disaster the Democrats rammed down America’s throat every day that passes.

And they wonder why they are in trouble.

Those who think we need to be more like Europe need to take a closer look at Europe. Specifically, they need to look at the United Kingdom. It’s ugly there and does not promise to get better any time soon:

Four huge shadows hang over this claustrophobic election, about which the three main parties will be trying to say as little as possible. The first, obviously, as part of the catastrophic legacy of 13 years of Labour misrule, is the barely imaginable scale of the deficit in public spending.

This is now growing so fast that it is difficult to find ways of bringing home how stupendous it has become. The Taxpayers’ Alliance has tried to do it by pointing out that public debt is rising by £447,575,342 – virtually half a billion pounds – every day. With the Government’s own projections showing that within four years the National Debt will have doubled to £1.4 trillion, I recently used figures from the Institute for Fiscal Studies to show that by 2014, in only four years’ time, it will be costing us the equivalent of £60 a week for every household in the land just to pay the interest on the debt – let alone paying off the debt itself.

And the Democrats are busily spending your great-great-great grand children’s patrimony. They are spending at a rate never seen in peacetime before and all or very nearly all of it on things the vast majority of Americans do not want.

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