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After all, we’re from ObamaCare. The first of many unpleasant surprises from health care “reform” is hitting those Americans who buy their own coverage. Say hello to  a 20% rate increase – effective immediately:

U.S. health insurers are raising prices by an average of 20 percent for working age adults who buy their own policies, according to a survey released by a nonprofit healthcare group on Monday.

Such premium cost increases affected more than three-quarters of the 14 million U.S. adults who buy their own health plans and caused some to either seek a cheaper option with fewer benefits or switch insurers altogether, the Kaiser Family Foundation study showed.

The findings come as the Obama administration works with insurers to implement some of the new rules under the recently passed healthcare law, which aims to expand consumers’ coverage while cracking down on discriminatory industry practices.

If you think you will be immune to this because you voted for Obama, guess again. If you think your employer-funded health care plan will not be hammered by rate increases you are not playing with a full deck.

If you think this “reform” will help you, you’re an Obot.

We are all – every one of us – in deep, deep trouble. Expect the rate increases to continue since you are now a cash cow to be milked by your new owners – the insurance companies that crawled into bed with Obama and his Democrat enablers. When you get your new insurance bill, be sure to thank the folks like Bendover Nelson, Blanche Lincoln and Mary Landrieu who sold out their constituents and set them up for peonage.

Twenty percent – it is only the beginning. The cost will be much, much higher when the full bill comes due.

It will cost you your freedom.

Be sure to thank the Democrats who wholly own this disaster. Thank them in November. With interest.

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2 Responses to We’re Here To Help

  1. ropelight says:

    Yes, Gaius, let’s give the Democrats everything they deserve in November, and then some. They have earned every bit as much condemnation as it’s possible for the voters to bring down on their arrogant and tyrannical heads.

    But, there is another consideration we must start preparing for: a sinister betrayal by defeated lame duck Democrats rushing to pass the onerous legislation they fear to bring up for debate prior to the election.

    The White House is planning now to ram through Congress the most disturbing elements of Obama’s agenda following the elections but before the new Congress is seated. It will be no holds barred, bear knuckle, Chicago style back room politics at its worst. Think about it.

  2. feeblemind says:

    Yep. I have to buy my policy. In addition there are the hikes for becoming a higher risk as you age.

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