Obama V America

The Obama administration will file suit against Arizona next week for having the temerity to want to enforce the laws of the United States:

Obama administration sources tell ABC News that Attorney General Eric Holder is expected to file a lawsuit against the state of Arizona for its immigration law, likely next week.

The suit has been expected for some time now. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told a South American television interviewer that the president had told the Justice Department to file the suit on the basis that it’s the constitutional responsibility of the federal government — not states — to set immigration policy.

Well, gee. Isn’t it already against American law to enter the country illegally? Why, yes it is! Isn’t it already against American law to knowingly hire a person who is in this country illegally? Why, yes it is! Isn’t it against American law to steal someone’s Social Security number in order to falsify documentation to get work in this country? Why, yes it is!

So it seems the policiy has already been set. All Arizona is trying to do is enforce those existing laws.

The people rose up and made it abundantly clear that there would be harsh political consequences the last time the “elite” tried to ram an amnesty through. This latest effort to squash American citizens is going to backfire spectacularly on the Wizard of 0 and his ever-diminishing munchkin squad. There is a solid majority of Americans who are in favor of what Arizona has done – and who want the same law for their states.

UPDATE: Super. The government of Mexico is also joining in a lawsuit against the sovereignty of the United States and the state of Arizona:

The government of Mexico today formally joined a lawsuit in federal court challenging Arizona’s new immigration law, saying that the highest levels of the Mexican government have grave concerns about it.

“Each day, approximately 65,000 Mexicans are admitted into Arizona; and each day they spend an average of $7.35 million in its stores, restaurants, and other businesses,” says a friend-of-court brief filed by Mexico. But if the new law takes effect, “Mexican citizens will be afraid to visit Arizona for work or pleasure out of concern that they will be subject to unlawful police scrutiny and detention,” the brief says.

That’s The Weekly Standard quoting NBC.

So now a foreign government is attempting to interfere with the internal policies of the state of Arizona and of the United States itself. Welcome to Omerica.

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4 Responses to Obama V America

  1. ropelight says:

    Initially, elected leaders in the State of Arizona tried to use legislation to embarrass the Obama Administration into securing the borders.

    However, rather than responding to the task at hand, Obama has decided to dodge the immediate issue by moving the loci of conflict away from representative assemblies and into the court system, away from the influence of the people’s tribunes, and into a more familiar arena dominated by his subordinates and closed to the voice of the people.

    Now would be the right time for Arizona’s Congressmen in the House of Representatives to raise the specter of impeachment for failure to fulfill specific constitutional responsibilities.

  2. feeblemind says:

    I believe I saw it at The Hill. AZ Dem Congressmen do NOT want this lawsuit front and center with an election looming and have sent a letter to 0bama telling him so.

    A lawsuit sounds like a very stupid move politically by the Administration. It will enrage and energize the opposition.

  3. martian says:

    I would think the first action in an American court on this issue would be to remove the Republic of Mexico as a plaintif in the lawsuit. Show me anywhere in the Constitution or in any other federal laws where the government of a foreign nation has standing to bring a lawsuit against ANY American entity in an American court whether it be an individual or a state. I admit that I’m not a lawyer but I do have some familiarity with laws. As far as I know the Republic of Mexico has no standing to bring suit in an American court.

    As for Obama, apparently he isn’t nearly as bright as everyone seems to give him credit for. At every opportunity to make a choice which will either give him good standing with the American people or enrage them against him, he consistently makes the wrong choice. It’s like he’s trying to piss us off as much as is humanly possible. Either that or his ego is just so big and he’s just so arrogant he just doesn’t give a damn what the citizens of our country think. It’s like he thinks that being elected president made him a king with 100% complete authority like the divine right of kings in the middle ages.

  4. Gaius says:

    They filed a friend of the court brief, they are not plaintiffs. Still, I agree that they should have no standing in an American court.

    Besides that, they are completely tin-eared. This will not endear them to most Americans.

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