What Goes Around

Victor Davis Hanson on what he calls Obama’s Greek Tragedy:

Do you remember candidate Barack Obama offering his hope-and-change platitudes in front of the fake Greek columns during the Democratic convention? Or earlier pontificating at the Victory Monument in Berlin?

Why didn’t an old cigar-chomping Democratic pro take him aside and warn him about offending Nemesis? She is the dreaded goddess who brings divine retribution in ironic fashion to overweening arrogance.

Or maybe a friend could have whispered to Senator Obama to tone it down when he was merciless in damning the Bush administration for its supposedly slow response to Hurricane Katrina.

Obama railed that Bush showed “unconscionable ineptitude.” Obama further charged that Bush’s response was “achingly slow,” a result of “passive indifference,” and that his team was rife with “corruption and cronyism.”

Those adjectives now apply to Obama himself, as he seems lost amid his own disaster — eerily in about the same Gulf environs. Adding insult to injury, a recent poll revealed that Louisiana residents thought Bush had done a better job with Katrina than Obama has with BP.

Hubris writ large. Obama is, I believe, too narcissistic to even begin to grasp the irony of his undoing. And polls are beginning to show he is being undone on a daily basis. If he and his advisers had been as smart as the media claimed, they would have been front and center cutting through red tape and stomping on overzealous bureaucrats acting like idiots about the Gulf oil spill.

Instead, the Wizard golfs. And his bureaucrats flail about, uselessly pratfalling all over themselves.

In this tragedy there is also farce.

Go read Hanson’s entire piece, it is worth your time.

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2 Responses to What Goes Around

  1. ropelight says:

    Excellent read. Clearly, Obama doesn’t know the mistakes a study of classical history warns against, otherwise he wouldn’t be so quick to repeat them.

  2. Jerry in Detroit says:

    One thing Mr. Hanson neglected to mention was the open fraud bypassing campaign finance laws. There has never been a good accounting of just where the three quarter billion dollars came from to elect this president. If there is any consolation, I believe McCain-Feingold to be unconstitutional and had some amusement that Senator McCain was hoist with his own petard.

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