The Summer Of Shmuck

Jeremy Lott at Real Clear Politics on Joe Biden’s summer “charm” offensive:

So Biden has been assigned to make a new push for the effectiveness of the stimulus bill. The other week at a press conference, he said, “Folks, the act is working,” and touted some of the benefits of the stimulus package that Congress passed at Obama’s urging in 2009. For instance, much of this construction that is lengthening commutes across the country was funded by stimulus dollars. USA Today reported that Biden “went on at some length about how people at kitchen tables across America don’t know or care whether new jobs at factories, grocery stores and elsewhere were created because of the Recovery Act, they just know that jobs are coming back.”

But there are good reasons to suspect that this gambit will not work as well for Obama as it did for Reagan. Samples explains that though Reagan’s approval rating had slipped leading up to the 1982 elections, a slim majority of voters still approved of the job he was doing. Obama’s approval rating is lower. It’s in the high 40s according to the RCP Average and some individual polls show him dipping into the low 40s.

Do go read the whole post – the excerpt does not even begin to capture the whole thing for readers.

So, we have a whole summer to look forward to with the Mouth That Roared making downright stupid and offensive statements. Oh joy. Joe is trying to sell a dead horse as a live Derby contender.

If nothing else, it ought to be a gold mine for non-brain dead bloggers.

But it will not save the Dems in November. Absent a game changer, that ship has sailed. People are righteously pissed and will make their voices heard on election day, 2010.

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  1. martian says:

    I agree, it’s an excellent article. And I think it captures the currrentr situation for the Democrats rather nicely. Further, I doubt that Joe Foot-in-Mouth Biden is going to be able to salvage it for them. In fact, the fact that Obama has him out stumping at all shows just how desperate they are. Joe Biden as the savior of the Democrat Party? It’s ludicrous. But his frequent gaffes and imaginings just might make for an interesting summer. Put the footrest up on the recliner and pass the popcorn. This could be fun!

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