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More Traction For The Bus

The bus leaves at nine, be under it. Obama casually tosses Charlie Rangel under the bus for a little more traction: “I think Charlie Rangel served a very long time and served– his constituents very well. But these– allegations are … Continue reading

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The Electric Edsel

$41,000 plus the massive donation of taxpayer dollars will give you an electric hair shirt: For starters, G.M.’s vision turned into a car that costs $41,000 before relevant tax breaks … but after billions of dollars of government loans and … Continue reading

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Into The Valley

A couple of caveats here. One: People have to stay engaged, energized and have to make sure they are registered to vote in November (and they have to get out and vote). Two: We are still three months out and … Continue reading

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Devil Baby

Barack Obama’s planned appearance on The View is drawing criticism from – wait for it – Democrats: Speaking on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell suggested the ABC talk-show – which often directs its focus on tabloid stories and … Continue reading

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Ezra Klein’s cabal: In 2007, when Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein founded JournoList, an online gathering place for several hundred liberal journalists, academics and political activists, he imagined a discussion group that would connect young writers to top sources. But … Continue reading

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Well, I suppose it’s marginally better than the wall-to-wall flogging of the thesaurus to come up with headlines that don’t use the word “unexpected”. But it is actually somewhat ominous. The relative silence of the press over the latest unemployment … Continue reading

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Bear Left

With the car: Ralph and Ben Story of Larkspur, Colo., have the story of the day. It involves an unlocked car, a peanut butter sandwich, a hungry black bear and a middle-of-the-night joy ride at 6,669 feet above sea level … Continue reading

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Friendly Fire

Karl Rove on the Democrats: Then there’s a belief around Capitol Hill that the White House is already pointing the finger at them for the coming fall’s losses. That’s in keeping with a pattern: After all, Team Obama publicly trashed … Continue reading

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When The ‘R’ Comes Before The ‘A’ In Carp

Economic Fish Stories: President Obama says “every economist who’s looked at it says that the Recovery Act has done its job”—i.e., the stimulus bill has turned the economy around. That’s nonsense. Opinions differ widely and many leading economists believe that … Continue reading

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Looting The Treasury

Government for the government employees – taxpayers be damned: Hundreds of residents of one of the poorest municipalities in Los Angeles County shouted in protest last night as tensions rose over a report that the city’s manager earns an annual … Continue reading

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Money For Nothing

And the signs ain’t free: This week we learned that the Imperial Federal Government has squandered around $20 million dollars on signs. That $20 million? Well, that was stimulus money. The signs? They simply said, “Hey, y’all! We’re spending stimulus … Continue reading

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Well, Gee, Of Course It’s A Tax

Oh, no, the One insisted, the individual mandate indenturing Americans to private insurance companies, is not a tax. That’s a scurrilous charge being leveled by nasty people. Except it is a tax. So sayeth the One’s administration: When Congress required … Continue reading

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The Audacity Of Hopelessness

Wow. I usually enjoy Charles Krauthammer’s columns. I wish I could say that I had enjoyed reading this one: But Obama’s most far-reaching accomplishment is his structural alteration of the U.S. budget. The stimulus, the vast expansion of domestic spending, … Continue reading

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Imagined Or Invented

Gee, I’ve been saying this for a long time*: It may be that the last people in America who believe that the $862 billion economic stimulus of February 2009 created millions of net new jobs are Vice President Joe Biden … Continue reading

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Grim And Grimmer

Those appear to be the outlooks facing Congressional Democrats in November. First the House: It would not be accurate to say that Democrats are worried about losing control of the House in November. It would be accurate to say that … Continue reading

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