Some Math They Don’t Want You To Understand

Of course the open borders crowd are attempting to demonize this report and the people who produced it. Because if Americans start doing the math, they might become aware that there is a real problem with illegal immigration in this country. You see, according to the study in question, many of the states with the worst budget woes would be doing much better financially if they were not spending taxpayer dollars on benefits for illegals.

In fact, the worst hit states in terms of numbers of illegals and budget red ink would be in the black if they were not spending gobs of cash on non-citizens:

The report states that an amnesty program wouldn’t appreciably increase tax revenue and would cost massive amounts in Social Security and public assistance expenses. An amnesty “would therefore be an accentuation of the already enormous fiscal burden,” the report concludes.

The single largest cost to the government of illegal immigration, according to the report, is an estimated $52 billion spent on schooling the children of illegals. “Nearly all those costs are absorbed by state and local governments,’ the report states.

Moreover, the study’s breakdown of costs on a state-by-state basis shows that in states with the largest number of illegals, the costs of illegal immigration are often greater than current, crippling budget deficits. In Texas, for example, the additional cost of immigration, $16.4 billion, is equal to the state’s current budget deficit; in California the additional cost of illegal immigration, $21.8 billion, is $8 billion more than the state’s current budget deficit of $13.8 billion; and in New York, the $6.8 billion deficit is roughly two-thirds the $9.5 billion yearly cost of its illegal population, according to Jack Martin, the researcher who completed the study.

If Martin is even 50% correct, a number of states would be much, much better off than they are right now.

So of course, the demonization continues apace. The sacrifices citizens are being forced to make to cover deficits might make them wake up to the fact that their pockets are being picked.

I’m on the record as being in favor of a very, very liberal legal immigration system – and hard enforcement of the borders against illegal immigration. This report doesn’t do a thing to convince me that there is any problem with my stance.

Quite the contrary. If legal immigrants want to come here, pay taxes, live by the rules and become Americans, I’m ok with that. ‘

What’s happening right now, I am not good with.

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2 Responses to Some Math They Don’t Want You To Understand

  1. crosspatch says:

    What bugs me is what they think amnesty accomplishes. So you allow all those who are here to stay. Fine. So the very next day more start to pour in across the border and you are back to exactly the same problem in a few years time.

    It doesn’t fix anything if securing the border is never done.

  2. ropelight says:

    We’ve already been down this road once before, and no less a man than Ronald Reagan promised us that if we agreed to his amnesty program he would secure the borders so we’d never have to face the problem of illegal immigration again.

    Well, as we all know, Reagan got his amnesty and we got stiffed on the border security end of the bargain. If a man like Ronald Reagan could put one like that over on the American people, what slight of hand might a man like Barack Obama believe he could pull off?

    Anything, anything, anything other than an ironclad *Fence Frist policy should be instantly dismissed as a low-down rotten double dealing con game and a fraud on the public.

    *Fence First = A physical barrier completely built along the entire length of the border with Mexico, in-place and demonstrably functioning to prevent infiltration before any discussions of a Guest Worker Program or an eventual Path to Citizenship Program are even contemplated. No exceptions, we’ve already experienced the consequences of failing to hold the line.

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