Grim And Grimmer

Those appear to be the outlooks facing Congressional Democrats in November. First the House:

It would not be accurate to say that Democrats are worried about losing control of the House in November. It would be accurate to say that Democrats are in a screaming panic about losing control of the House in November.

The panic threshold was crossed Sunday morning on “Meet the Press,” when White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said, “There’s no doubt there are enough seats in play that could cause Republicans to gain control.”…

…On Tuesday, as Democratic lawmakers limped back into town from a 10-day recess, a grim Steny Hoyer (Md.), the House majority leader, sat at the end of a long conference table in his office and was quizzed by reporters about the Gibbs-induced panic.

“Do I think he is right in there are enough seats in play?” he asked himself. “Probably close,” he answered.

Hoyer agrees with Gibbs that the party could lose the House. It was enough to cause Democrats to assume the Edvard Munch position.

That would be this position, of course:


But wait, there’s more:

As if things weren’t bad enough for Democrats, something I didn’t believe possible six months ago has happened: The Senate is now in play.

That’s William Galston in The New Republic, hardly a right wing shill.

Taking the Senate back would entail the Republicans virtually running the table. Not likely, right?

Well, it wasn’t even likely that they could gain enough seats to really crimp the Democrats six months ago, was it?

Folks, it is possible, if still somewhat unlikely. (And I would not be too awfully sure about “safe” seats for Democrats just yet, either.)

I’ve been predicting a political bloodbath for a while now and the polls are showing that this is increasingly likely. Even the latest WaPo poll – despite a ridiculous oversample of Democrats – showed a devastating defeat barreling toward the Democrats. The people are righteously angry at what the Democrats have done – and not done – since consolidating power.

Scream away, Democrats. Time is short. I think there is little doubt that they lose the House now. And the Senate is, very definitely, in serious play.

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4 Responses to Grim And Grimmer

  1. Tom says:

    May the Dems scream loud and long until they are hoarse.

  2. ropelight says:

    I agree with your assessment, Gaius, the tide is running in the GOP’s direction and gathering momentum. As an example, the latest CBS poll has 57% of Americans supporting the Arizona law as “about right” and another 17% saying it doesn’t go far enough.

    Additionally, support for Obama among Hispanics, which was running about 74% before the Arizona law was passed, is down 10% over the last 2 months.

    Both are remarkably bad signs for Democrat hopes in November. Nearly every initiative Obama has pushed has cost him and Democrats in Congress support, at every turn.

    Obama’s victory was sealed with the combination of near lockstep support from traditional left leaning voters, plus young college age first timers, and the overwhelming majority of Independents.

    While that winning coalition can’t be counted on to automatically support Democrats in Congress during an off-year election, it remains the best hope Democrats have for electoral success.

    However, enthusiasm for Obama’s policies is down among left leaning organizations, college kids are a wild card, and Independents have run away in disgust.

    Taken together, Democrats belong on the endangered species list. They desperately need a November Surprise, a major scandal where they can smear Republicans with a broad brush, and darned if that sniveling jerk, Levi Johnson just might turn out to be the man for the job. Just sayin’

  3. Sam L. says:

    Let’s not get cocky, kids. This ain’t no slam dunk.

  4. Gaius says:

    You are quite correct, Sam. People have to get out there and vote.

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