Friendly Fire

Karl Rove on the Democrats:

Then there’s a belief around Capitol Hill that the White House is already pointing the finger at them for the coming fall’s losses. That’s in keeping with a pattern: After all, Team Obama publicly trashed its gubernatorial candidate in Virginia last fall and its Massachusetts senatorial hopeful last winter, weeks before their elections.

Congressional Democrats also worry the president is insufficiently concerned about the November election. Maybe the White House believes Democrats have seats to give, that its agenda may be more achievable with fewer moderate Democrats, or that Mr. Obama can win re-election in 2012 more easily with a Republican Congress to blame.

Finally, congressional Democrats are frustrated the president doesn’t do more to help them. The problem here is that he can’t. His approval rating was 54% when his party was walloped in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts last fall. Now it’s 47% in the RealClearPolitics average of recent polls. Mr. Obama’s presence will hurt more than help in many swing races. Even his fund raising isn’t going as well as expected. A recent presidential fund-raising event in Missouri had to discount tickets to fill otherwise empty chairs.

Rove echoes Nancy Pelosi and calls this “friendly fire” from the White House. Unfortunately, this phrase neglects one important truth: the White House is NOT their friend. Never has been.

The only person who matters to Obama is Obama. Period. The career-ending self-immolation of his enablers is nothing to him – it is what he expects as his due. Their soon-to-be former careers matter not one whit to the won.

Rove also reminds the future former members of Congress that the one also does not understand the concept of paybacks.

One can safely assume that object lessons will be forthcoming. In fact, they have already begun: The Crap and Tax bill is DOA. (Gee, I’ll bet those Democrats who danced to Obama’s tune in the House are feeling really special right now.)

Look, the first victim of ObamaCare!

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One Response to Friendly Fire

  1. ropelight says:

    Obama was untouchable the instant he took the oath of office, although he’s never lived up to his responsibility to uphold the Constitution, and to defend it from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, he’s still the Commander-in-Chief and we have no recall provisions for removing corrupt Chief Executives during their term in office.

    The voters and the ballot box stuffers who put him in office got away with it and we’re stuck with a very bad situation. Our country, our liberty, and what’s left of our sacred fortunes are at stake.

    Our best option now is to remove his enablers from Congress and then turn off the money spigot. We should continue to expose the usurper’s legal and political corruption, his staggering hypocrisy, his overt racism, his job killing economic disasters, and his knee-jerk anti-American foreign policies.

    And, perhaps most importantly, we must expose, ridicule, and denounce the cabal of lap-dog media hacks who masquerade as objective journalists but who function in concert as Barack Obama’s front line of defenders.

    These are the self-appointed volunteer propagandists who shield Obama from legitimate criticism and who plot secret coordinated attacks to viciously destroy anyone who opposes Obama or his policies. Obama’s print, broadcast, and Internet media Brownshirts.

    We must expose and disperse the propagandists, vote out the Democrat Party enablers, and only then can we hope to isolate and contain the tyrant. That’s the way to put “we the people” back in the driver’s seat.

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