Bear Left

With the car:

Ralph and Ben Story of Larkspur, Colo., have the story of the day. It involves an unlocked car, a peanut butter sandwich, a hungry black bear and a middle-of-the-night joy ride at 6,669 feet above sea level .

Take it away, Ralph:

“So this bear opened the door on his own. Somehow the door closed behind him. He panicked and started thrashing around, hit the shifter and put the car, took it out of park. It rolled back, down over the hill, and down into here, and stopped. The four way flashers were on. It’s like he knew what was going on, and kept hitting the horn.”

The family slept through the entire series of events until a ticked off neighbor called about the relentless honking of the horn. (This is not unusual, in my experience.  My own kids slept through the lights-and-sirens arrival of every piece of fire equipment our town had, a life flight helicopter circling our property, landing, loading a crash victim and taking off again.)

You realize what this means?

Bears got wheels.

Nobody is safe. Hide the pic-a-nic baskets, folks.

(Ben’s going to need a new car. The bear de-upholstered the old one. Bucket seats are far too small for a bear derriere.)

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One Response to Bear Left

  1. Mockingbird says:

    Well, did the cops take the bear in for questioning?
    I sure would.

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