Ezra Klein’s cabal:

In 2007, when Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein founded JournoList, an online gathering place for several hundred liberal journalists, academics and political activists, he imagined a discussion group that would connect young writers to top sources.

But in the heat of a bitter presidential campaign in 2008, the list’s discussions veered into collusion and coordination at key political moments, documents revealed this week by The Daily Caller show.

In a key episode, JournoList members openly plotted to bury attention on then-candidate Barack Obama’s controversial pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The Washington Independent’s Spencer Ackerman, for instance, suggested an effective tactic to distract from the issue would be to pick one of Obama’s critics, “Fred Barnes, Karl Rove, who cares — and call them racists.”

Conservative critics of Washington’s journalistic establishment have long charged the media with a striking liberal bias. But those critics have also said the problem was mostly unintentional, the result of a press corps made up mostly of Democratic-leaning scribes.

Yet JournoList’s discussions show an influential left-wing faction of the media participating in a far more intentional sort of liberal bias.

Yes, JournoList has been disbanded, replaced by a new entity: Cabalist. Truth in advertising, as I pointed out in a reply in comments.

Because this is a cabal. The definition: A small group of secret plotters, as against a government or person in authority.

Or in favor of a government or person in authority.

No reputable news organization would tolerate the staff of their media outlet being a member of a secret organization dedicated to a certain ideology.

Klein works for the Washington Post.

Draw your own conclusions. And draw your own conclusions about the MSM pundits claiming “context” and lack of evidence of collusion as an affirmative defense of  JournoList cabal members.

Then ask how many of those defenders are now members of Cabalist.

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2 Responses to Cabal

  1. ropelight says:

    Last I heard, Cabalist had about 170 members, a great many of which were also former Journalistas.

    You may also be aware that at least one Journalista, Jared Bernstein, was a member of VP Biden’s campaign team and he invited several of the more prominent Journalistas to the White House as a reward for service to the Democrat election victory.

    Among the honored guests were Matthew Yglesias, Tim Fernholtz, Chris Hayes, and Oliver Willis. Bill Jacobson at Le-gal In-sur-rec-tion has the scoop.

  2. ropelight says:

    Approximately 135 of the Journolistas have now been identified out of the approximately 400 members on the now abandoned listServ. The former co-conspirators are not helping, or coming forward, to reveal themselves or the names of their comrades.

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