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Democrats Behaving Badly

Rep. Ciro Rodriquez (Deranged-TX) gets violent when addressing a constituent. Mike Flynn has this to say: I want to make two points; Rep. Rodriguez is an elected official with a duty to represent his constituents in Congress, no matter their … Continue reading

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Damning Numbers

Sean Trende at Real Clear Politics thinks the latest poll numbers from Democratic pollsters Democracy Corps are very, very, very bad news for the Democrats. John Fund figures defeated Democrats might try a kamikaze run at a laundry list of … Continue reading

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Draining Looting The Swamp

Nancy Pelosi has been in charge of the House since the Democrats were sworn in following the 2006 elections. On the night of their victory, she said this: “The American people voted to restore integrity and honesty in Washington, D.C., … Continue reading

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The Boots And Spurs Of Donald Berwick

Thomas Jefferson, 10 days before his death, politely declined attending 4th of July celebrations in the District of Columbia in a polite letter containing these words: The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every … Continue reading

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Some Math They Don’t Want You To Understand

Of course the open borders crowd are attempting to demonize this report and the people who produced it. Because if Americans start doing the math, they might become aware that there is a real problem with illegal immigration in this … Continue reading

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Finally! Something Obama Is Successful At!

That would be killing jobs: It’s time to call Obama what he is: The Great Jobs Killer. With his massive spending and tax hikes — rewarding big government and big unions, while punishing taxpayers and business owners — Obama has … Continue reading

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Denial Is Not A River In Egypt

But it appears to be a core value for Apple: On Friday Apple released a letter admitting the iPhone 4 has problems, but insisted they are due to a signal-strength formula that is “totally wrong” and not caused by the … Continue reading

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Desolation Row

The sheer numbers are appalling. 1.21 million Americans have given up looking for work because they just do not think there are any jobs for them. And in many cases, they are right: A record 1.21 million people want to … Continue reading

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What Chicago Thinks of A Constitutional Right

Chicago has swiftly reacted to the Supreme Court decision throwing out their handgun ban. By a vote of 45 to 0 the city council enacted draconian “reasonable” gun laws for their citizens. (Yahoo! News link expires quickly). Let’s see what’s … Continue reading

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What’s That Crumbling Sound?

Why, it’s the Democrat’s confidence about the November elections: The Democratic Governors Association announced today raising $9.1 million over the last three months and $17 million from January through June, a new record for the campaign committee. The DGA now … Continue reading

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Charlie Cook Posts A Hurricane Warning

He’s been doing this a long time and has a very good track record – and Charlie Cook is warning that all hell is going to break loose for Democrats in November: Hart and McInturff then looked at the change … Continue reading

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215 members of the House of Representatives today voted to abdicate their Constitutionally mandated responsibilities to an unelected, unaccountable and unsanctioned-by-law body appointed by their political master in the White House. Read it and weep for this nation: House Democrats … Continue reading

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