Yep, a half million Americans filed for unemployment last week during Obama’s “Recovery Summer”. That can only mean one thing for the won: Time for a luxury vacation on the millionaire’s playground of Martha’s  Vineyard! He might even do some “work” there!

President Barack Obama is planning to hike, laze at the beach and visit an ice cream parlor or two while vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard, but his spokesman realizes world affairs may interfere.

Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton told reporters Tuesday aboard Air Force One that “the president is definitely going to spend a little time recharging his batteries.” Obama and his family arrive Thursday on the island off Massachusetts.

But Burton joked that the White House press corps should “think that this is going to be the hardest that they will have ever have worked in their entire lives.”

Oh, the humanity. That poor press corpse. They’ll have to chase the won from one ice cream parlor to another and might get sand in their shoes at the photo-op for the beach play!

You poor, newly unemployed can at last take comfort in the wall-to-wall “news” of the first family “recharging” their batteries while you fill out forms and wait for your check!

Doncha feel better already?

Thank heavens for Hope and Change!

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5 Responses to Vacationer-In-Chief

  1. Sam says:

    Well, considering how poor a job he is doing, it is probably good he takes so many vacations. Think what it would be like if he were really applying himself.

  2. Larry T says:

    After 18 months of vacation, Obama finally decided to be presidential.

  3. Mockingbird says:

    Ya’ll just don’t understand how grueling 26 hours in Panama City, FL can be!Looking for oil and not finding it, beer funnel contests; and then there’s swimming with your kid in St. Andrew’s Bay. Don’t forget the mullet toss in 94 degrees. Oh, the hassle of reporters from southern publications!

  4. Steve says:

    Sure, the press corps will work very hard.

    It’s tough thinking of new ways to say the same old thing about nothing happening.

  5. ropelight says:

    Seriously, has Obama done anything of value, improved anything, or has he only succeeded in making things worse at every turn?

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