How Bleak Is That Valley?

Well, it might be even more unpleasant to be a Democrat up for election in November. There’s this, for example:

Forget conventional wisdom: Republicans have a real shot at taking control of the Senate, as well as the House, in the U.S. midterm elections.

“This is going to be a massive election like 1974, except it will happen to the Democrats this time,” says Bill McInturff, a leading Republican pollster, alluding to the Democratic landslide more than three-and-a-half decades ago. “The Senate is in play.”

The economy is killing Democrats even in states doing comparatively well. The economic stimulus and bailout of the auto companies — successes in the eyes of most detached analysts — are unpopular.

Most unpopular was the Wall Street rescue, whatever disaster it may have averted.

Most Democratic candidates voted for these measures, a reason the party may lose 10 seats and control of the Senate.

Please do go over and read just how bad it is out there right now for the Senate Democrats. It ain’t pretty.

But, wait! There’s more:

Republicans lead by 51% to 41% among registered voters in Gallup weekly tracking of 2010 congressional voting preferences. The 10-percentage-point lead is the GOP’s largest so far this year and is its largest in Gallup’s history of tracking the midterm generic ballot for Congress.

Believe it or not, that’s the bright spot for the Democrats in the poll results. It gets much, much worse:

Republicans are now twice as likely as Democrats to be “very” enthusiastic about voting, and now hold — by one point — the largest such advantage of the year.

As always, a lot can happen between now and November. But I have a feeling that it really is not going to get better for the enablers of the won. And the more the Ozealots in the press corpse try to spin, lie, denigrate and attempt to abuse those who differ with the won, the worse it will actually be when election day rolls around.

This one could well be biblical.

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One Response to How Bleak Is That Valley?

  1. ropelight says:

    Don’t expect Democrats to just sit still and wait patiently for the sky to fall on them, Obama needs to pull a rabbit of his hat.

    Keep your eyes open, be on the lookout for the biggest November surprise of all time. It’s not inevitable, but at this point Dems are out of other options. They need something and they need it before the mid-terms.

    Democrats desperately need a game changer.

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