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Democrat Death Panels

ObamaCare comes for the Democrats in Congress first: As Democrats brace for a November wave that threatens their control of the House, party leaders are preparing a brutal triage of their own members in hopes of saving enough seats to … Continue reading

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The Democrats have already had Larry Sabato warn them that the Senate is in play. Now they have it from Charlie Cook: For much of this year, it seemed a near mathematical impossibility that Republicans could score the 10-seat net … Continue reading

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The New, New Math

Just when you thought you knew how to read numbers, the left wing media (redundant) and the wizard of 0 himself teach you the new, new improved left-leaning ObamaMath! All those job losses you see? Why they are just super … Continue reading

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Strike Up The Band

The handwriting is on the wall. Larry Sabato has released his Crystal Ball predictions for the Democrats in November. The word bloodbath comes to mind: Given what we can see at this moment, Republicans have a good chance to win … Continue reading

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That Sinking Feeling

They are busily rearranging the deck chairs, but the Obamatanic is rapidly going down: Simply put, Democrats find themselves heading into a midterm election that looks as grisly as any the party has faced in decades. It isn’t hard to … Continue reading

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Time To Listen To Your Doctor, America

Sometimes, you have to – if you want to have any quality of life: To counter this election-year ruse, my colleagues and I at Docs4PatientCare are enlisting thousands of doctors in an unorthodox and unprecedented action. Our patients have always … Continue reading

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