The Democrats have already had Larry Sabato warn them that the Senate is in play. Now they have it from Charlie Cook:

For much of this year, it seemed a near mathematical impossibility that Republicans could score the 10-seat net gain needed to flip the Senate, which is split between 59 Democrats (including two independents who caucus with Democrats and largely vote with the party) and 41 Republicans. As recently as six weeks ago, I wrote in a CongressDailyAM column that a GOP win was “certainly possible” but “still fairly unlikely.” Although the “fairly unlikely” part is still valid, the possibility of a GOP takeover is growing.

Via AllahPundit.

It is getting worse – rapidly – for the Democrats. The frantic attempts to put a positive spin on the appalling job numbers says rather a lot about how terrified the Democrats are right now. They have even managed to get their egomaniac-in-chief to take a break from his arduous vacation and golf schedule to make a brief public 0ppearance before going back on vacation. (No, that is not a typo, it is quite intentional.)

Talk about serious.

Remember, a vote for any Democrat at any level of government in November is providing support for this administration. Send a signal, folks.

If you have had enough, say so.

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3 Responses to Cooked

  1. Bleepless says:

    Traditionally, people loathe Congress as a corporate group but dearly love their own Senators and Representatives, usually for greedy reasons: they hate government handouts — except their own. So they keep voting for the incumbent.
    There may be enough genuine outrage this time to overcome this gimme-gimme stability.

  2. Sam L. says:

    Birds of a feather, etc. A vote for a Dem is a vote for Nancy and Harry and His O-ness. Don’t feed the pigeons and you’ll have fewer of them around.

  3. ropelight says:

    Don’t discount the probability the GOP will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Yeah, nearly every indicator reads bad for Democrats, but history proves the Stupid Party is fully capable of blowing it.

    Boiling just beneath the surface today, the GOP establishment is working overtime to undermine TEA Party candidates. They did everything they could to throw the Primary race in Alaska to the incumbent, Lisa Murkowski.

    And they’re doing much the same thing now in the Delaware Senate race, supporting Rep. Mike Castle, a RINO who voted with Obama and Pelosi in favor of Cap and Trade. TEA Party candidate Christine O’Donnell calls her opponent, (who incidentally refuses to debate her) “a closet Democrat in cahoots with the Obama Administration.”

    If the GOP’s secret war against the TEA Party breaks out into the open, TEA Party voters will have every right to demonstrate their rejection of the GOP and it’s signature politics of expediency as surely as they reject the Democrats and their agenda of Obamination.

    The bell is tolling, and the GOP establishment is covering their ears.

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