What He Said

Don Surber. Read it.

I’ll add this: I do not want “bipartisan seating” at the SOTU address. I want the world to see that there are real, substantive policy differences between the left and the right. I will, as always, keep the tone as moderate as I can here, even in the face of the vileness coming from the left, but I will be damned if I will obey their attempts to restrict my speech.

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2 Responses to What He Said

  1. Bleepless says:

    A jaundiced friend thinks there should be nopartisan seating: they should find something worthwhile to do elsewhere. Chuckle.

  2. BarbaraS says:

    The dims are loath to let the world see how their side has shrunk. They are still in denial about their fall from power. If they all mix, the world can’t see the true story.

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