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Backfire, Part The Third

Something you have seldom seen here at the Crabitat, a link to a Fox News story (its not that I don’t sometimes read Fox – or even watch the odd newscast from them. I just have very rarely actually linked … Continue reading

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Backfire, Part Two

Mickey Kaus: Why would Republican politicians ever fall into this “too hot” trap? Because hot rhetoric gins up their base. But now that they’ve won the House in an off year election, GOP pols don’t need to please the base … Continue reading

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How Do You Know It Isn’t?

AllahPundit over at Hot Air wonders: Exit question: I’ve asked this before but I’m still mystified by it. If one of the two goals of Stuxnet was to hide its sabotage by making centrifuge operators believe that everything was running … Continue reading

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He’s Baaaaack

Baby Doc is back in Haiti. After 25 years in exile, former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier has returned to Haiti. Nicknamed Baby Doc, Mr Duvalier, 59, has not set foot in his home land since 1981 when he was overthrown. National … Continue reading

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