Sally Pipes in the New York Post:

Repeal of ObamaCare can’t come soon enough — as several damaging provisions are set to take effect this year.

For starters, it has effectively stopped the construction of physician-owned hospitals throughout the country.

Section 6001 of the health-care law required physician-owned hospitals to obtain their Medicare certification by the end of last year. Without it, they can’t treat Medicare patients. And the facilities needed to be open to get that certification.

So construction halted at 45 hospitals as the New Year arrived. Work on countless others will never start, having been effectively banned by ObamaCare. This will limit competition in the health-care marketplace, driving up costs for patients.

There are a number of other provisions that will cause immediate or long-term damage to American’s health care that will kick in this year. Go over and read the list. Of course, the Democrats are talking about the few sugarplums they threw into the seething mess of a bill they are defending. The are not talking about the massive tax increases, the vast expansion of the Federal bureaucracy, the voluminous pages of additional regulation or the constraints put on you and your doctor. They are especially not talking about your new status as an indentured servant of the health insurance company. You will be forced to pay an insurance company and will be punished if you refuse.

No wonder the Democrats are talking about sugarplums. Smoke and mirrors, folks. You can’t allow yourself to be distracted by the few bright, shiny toys the Democrats are holding out. They are hiding the really ugly stuff behind the curtain.

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