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From 2008 to 2010, more than one million immigrants – mostly illegal ones – landed jobs in the United States, Reuters reports. So, during the worst of the economic collapse, when Americans were being laid off in record numbers, non-citizens … Continue reading

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Repealing ObamaCare Polling Well

Bad news for Democrats. Tweet

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“…The Bureaucracy Always Expands. It Never Contracts…”

The words of David Williams, vice president of policy for watchdog Citizens Against Government Waste. He is commenting in a story from Fox News that reports that there are some 1,000 government “advisory committees” with some 74,000 members burning up … Continue reading

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Global Sermons

Victor Davis Hanson points out a universal truth. When your local elected official begins sermonizing on global issues – or issues that the official has no real way of solving or even influencing – you can bet local services are … Continue reading

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