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Could. Not. Care. Less.

Keith (Who?) Olbermann is out of a job. All twelve of his regular viewers are upset. Tweet

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Screw Job

Apple is using weird screws to keep average “owners” (they are actually just renters) from opening or working on the devices they thought they purchased: Apple clearly doesn’t like people screwing around with its hardware. And the computer giant’s latest … Continue reading

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What’s Driving Up Gas Prices?

David Kreutzer explains why prices are skyrocketing – and how to stop those increases: Now, imminent oil depletion and the futility of drilling are again supposedly on the horizon. However, increased drilling activity follows increased petroleum prices. Blunting this natural … Continue reading

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It Begins With Repeal

Charles Krauthammer explains it: If you think that’s audacious, consider this: Obamacare does not create just one new entitlement (health insurance for everyone); it actually creates a second – long-term care insurance. With an aging population, and with long-term care … Continue reading

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