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Bone Chilling Cold

This is potentially the coldest winter the US has seen since the 1980s. The media will assure us that this is the warmest winter, ever, however. The warmists are never bothered by facts. Tweet

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Shafting Allies

A specialty of the Obama administration. Tweet

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Our Chinese Friends

So, the White House could not even vet the music selected by the Chinese pianist who performed at the state dinner for the Chinese president? It would appear that they could not be bothered to do so and allowed a … Continue reading

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The Galileo Fraud

Christopher Booker in the Telegraph: The cover story for Galileo, from the time of its launch in 2000, was that it was a civil project, largely to be paid for by private investors, who could then charge its users. GPS, … Continue reading

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Thanks For Noticing

Donald Douglas over at American Power noticed the return of the Crabitat and was kind enough to link. His post contains a link to an article on bloggers quitting that is worth a read if you’re a blogger. Thanks for … Continue reading

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The Mother Of All Scoops

Jim Hoft over at Gateway Pundit has The Mother of all Scoops™. Tweet

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