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Don’t Forget To Use Protection

I don’t think this is exactly what they meant: Man Seeks Protection From Sex-Crazed Wife In Germany A Turkish man living in Germany with his wife of 18 years went to police for protection from her insatiable appetite for sex, … Continue reading

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Big Ouch

Alvin Felzenberg, writing at US News & World Report, has a scathing deconstruction of all the lifted lines, stolen ideas and borrowed themes that Obama used in the SOTU address last night. He calls the speech tantamount to plagiarism: Early … Continue reading

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Son, Can You Play Me A Memory?

Piano Man was Billy Joel’s breakout hit ‘way back in the dark ages of 1973. It told the fictionalized story of Joel’s days performing at a piano bar in Los Angeles. All these years later, there’s a new piano bar … Continue reading

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Deficit Gone Wild

$1.5 trillion: It seems clearer and clearer that short of a near-death experience, no one is going to do anything about this problem. Our president spent over 5,000 words last night kind of noting, offhand, that we might have a … Continue reading

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Hey, It’s Green To Recycle

It seems Obama borrowed heavily from failed Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm in his SOTU speech. In fact, he echoed whole trains of thought from a speech Granholm gave five years ago – before her policies drove Michigan into the ditch … Continue reading

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My Thanks

To William Jacobson over at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion for declaring Blue Crab Boulevard blog of the day. The Crabitat lost a lot of readership while I was on hiatus, so the additional traffic is greatly appreciated. Funny thing is, I got … Continue reading

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