Deficit Gone Wild

$1.5 trillion:

It seems clearer and clearer that short of a near-death experience, no one is going to do anything about this problem. Our president spent over 5,000 words last night kind of noting, offhand, that we might have a problem, and then studiously avoiding proposing any serious solutions to the problem.  Paul Ryan’s response emphasized the problem, but not the ugly solutions: raise taxes, cut entitlements.  And Michelle Bachman . . . well, what do you get when you cross a motivational speaker with an eighth grade social studies teacher?  I’ll tell you what you don’t get: any serious proposals to fix our budget woes.

The answer, of course is that there have to be budget cuts – hard ones. Big ones. Serious ones. Government payoffs to public sector unions have to be cut back to sane levels. Programs have to be cut. The tax rates must be kept low in order to stimulate business and jobs. The economy has to grow to increase revenues.

It can be done, but does Washington have the will to do so?

I think it was made perfectly obvious last night that the Obama administration has no intention of changing course. The speech was basically a rope-a-dope just daring Republicans to come out and make hard choices. Whereupon the won will pounce and denigrate and slam them for daring to do so. Obam doubled down on collectivism.

Maybe its time for Republicans to double down on making hard choices – ones that will actually make things better even if they are initially painful. Oh, and learn to communicate why the hard choice is the right one.

Not too much to ask, is it?

I’m filing this one under civilization. Because if something is not done – soon – our very civilization is at risk.

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2 Responses to Deficit Gone Wild

  1. Maggie says:

    What does it say, America, that the leader of the free world is using the two juggernauts of oppression and death to make his pitch for our future under his plan? For over 200 years, love us or hate us, the rest of the world looked to us with respect, and inspiration for many of those.

    Anybody else find it quite striking that the leader of a White House administration under-fire for the last two years about being not-so-stealth Maoists/Marxists/communists/socialists decides to use, as two of his ‘strongest’ power-points in last night’s SOTU address the world’s two Marxist/Maoist/communist monoliths as something we should be looking to for inspiration? (‘Sputnik’ = USSR, and he went on and on about China’s magnificent infrastructure).

    Frankly, I’m surprised he didn’t cite Cuba for its innovative state-of-the-art healthcare system, human rights oriented judicial system and its great beaches … and the fantastic North Korean people’s ‘health minded’ dietary habits.

  2. feeblemind says:

    I look for them to keep printing money and inflating their way out of this. I believe it is the path of least resistance so politically it is “good’. Inflation can later be blamed on ‘greedy corporations”.

    My expectations for the GOP are very low. I don’t think they have the spine for much more than symbolic cuts. 0bama could veto, say entitlement cuts, and the dems could pummel the repubs on the issue until the next election, using historically effective rhetoric to scare seniors into voting for them. Hope I am wrong but I see nothing out there to make me believe spending will be brought under control anytime soon.

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