Hey, It’s Green To Recycle

It seems Obama borrowed heavily from failed Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm in his SOTU speech. In fact, he echoed whole trains of thought from a speech Granholm gave five years ago – before her policies drove Michigan into the ditch where it now sits, rusting heavily:

“We need a moon shot,” said Granholm in the Huffington Post. “This is our Sputnik moment,” echoed the president on Tuesday. Granholm envisioned a transformation of Michigan from “Rust Belt to Green Belt” with massive, European-style public investments in infrastructure and alternative energy. “In five years, you’ll be blown away,” she predicted, in what would become her signature line.

It was, in fact, thousands of state jobs that were blown away, as Granholm’s vision diverted pols’ attention from much-needed reforms to the state’s budget and business climate. Since her speech in 2006, the state’s unemployment rate has skyrocketed from 7.4 percent to 11.4.

Now Obama wants to take the Granholm model national. “The 21st Century Jobs Fund [is] the largest investment in diversifying our economy this state has ever seen,” said Granholm in her 2006 SOS. “It’ll create tens of thousands of new jobs. We’ll invest more than $2 billion in public and private funds to develop new sectors of our economy: Advanced manufacturing. Homeland security and defense. Life sciences. Alternative energy.”

All in the ditch and Granholm has been sent packing. But Obama wants to take that act on the road, so to speak. He even borrowed Granholm’s use of “investments” instead of wasteful, futile spending that the word covers up.

Kind of sad when he hasn’t even got any original ideas, isn’t it?

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