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The Worst Is Yet To Come

Illinois briefly made the news for its recent 66% increase in personal tax rates (the media promptly stopped talking about it after the initial news reports). The enormous rate increase is not even close to enough to close the budget … Continue reading

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Piano Mystery Solved

It wasn’t a music video, it was “art”: Jorge Pino of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission told CNN that for his agency “it would be highly unlikely that we would cite this young man for anything.” The agency … Continue reading

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NOW The Fat Lady Is Singing

And the tune is Rahm’s Back in The Race: The Illinois Supreme Court ruled today that Rahm Emanuel can stay on the ballot for mayor of Chicago. The decision comes without a moment to spare; early voting for the Feb. … Continue reading

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Expect The Unexpected

Oops, guess what? Initial jobless claims jumped upwards again last week – by a rather large amount, 51,000. Most of the lost jobs were in Florida and Nevada – and Ed Morrisey catches Reuters in what could best be described … Continue reading

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Dugway Update

The lockdown at Dugway Proving Grounds was initiated when a small quantity of VX nerve agent was discovered to be missing. The VX has been recovered. A news release from the base on Thursday said, “during a routine inventory of … Continue reading

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The Old Frontier

Jay Cost on Obama being stuck in the 1960s: But this is where I was wrong about President Obama. The 111th Congress was his Great Society moment: it passed a huge new entitlement program to get his name in the … Continue reading

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This Isn’t Good

Dugway Proving Grounds is locked down due to a “serious concern”. Dugway is the facility where biological and chemical weapon defense systems are tested. Tweet

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