Going Medieval

Smugglers have been captured in Mexico trying to use a powerful “medieval catapult” to launch marijuana over the border into the United States:

In a brazen attempt reminiscent of a medieval siege, Mexican smugglers tried to use a hefty catapult to hurl drugs north over the U.S. Border, authorities said..

The Mexican military seized 45 pounds of marijuana, a sports utility vehicle and a metal-framed catapult just south of the Arizona border near the small town of Naco last Friday, following a tip-off from the U.S. Border Patrol.

So what do you call it? A Potapult? a Weedbuchet? A Cannarbalest? (Feel free to chime in in Comments).

Here’s a modern trebuchet built in 2009 in Idaho. (Not used for illegal purposes).

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One Response to Going Medieval

  1. Sam L. says:

    How about WeedBeGone(from here) , CataPot, HashSlinger?

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