Stay Classy, Village Voice!

CNN Reports:

‘Escort’ services help bolster online classified site

When Craigslist pulled the plug on its adult services section last summer, it stepped out of a raging controversy over accusations its site had become a marketplace for pimps to sell underage girls.

The ads left Craigslist, but they didn’t go away.

Many simply migrated to other websites, most notably, Backpage is owned by the Village Voice Media group. According to internet research firm the AIM Group, the website’s adult ad revenues jumped to $2 million in December, up more than 25 percent from the previous month.

CNN reports finding girls as young as 13 being sold on Backpage. They attribute that information to law enforcement sources.

How do you sleep at night knowing you are helping facilitate that? How do you look yourself in the eye in the mirror?

Village Voice Media lists the following outlets on its website (as well as a link to Backpage): New York Village Voice, LA Weekly, Phoenix New Times, Denver Westword, Houston Press, Dallas Observer, SF Weekly, Seattle Weekly, St. Louis RFT, Miami New Times, Minneapolis City Pages, OC Weekly, Broward/Palm Beach New Times, Kansas City Pitch.

Read any of those? Should you?

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  1. Sam L. says:

    Can’t be real surprised. Big cities lean strongly Democrat. The Village Voice is sooooooo Progressive.

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