You’re Gonna Need A Piano Tuna

The saga of the Miami Piano (Sand)Bar continues. We have a copycat and a piano hijack of sorts:

A day after a baby grand piano was removed from a sandbar in Miami, authorities discovered that another prankster set up a table adorned with place settings, a bottle of wine and a chef statue on the same strip of sand.

Authorities quickly removed the arrangement due to the threat of copycats.

My guess is that the sandbar is now going to be regularly decorated, despite the warning by authorities that any decorators will be arrested if caught.

Back when I was in college, the local Elk’s Club had a very, very nice bronze statue of an Elk in front of their headquarters*. The entire grounds of the building (including the statue) were surrounded by an elaborate wrought iron fence with a gate that was locked when the building was not in active use. It was considered a challenge to paint the elk’s anatomically correct male parts in the various colors of the local fraternities or sororities, despite the dire warnings of the local police. And the elk’s privates got painted several times every year. The Elk’s Club removed the paint promptly within a day or two. (The Elk’s Club members undoubtedly hated the local Greeks with a passion.)

The best part of the story, however, is that the original artiste did not get the original piano back – it was removed by someone else at the request of his son:

(Carl) Bentulan, a day trader and musician from Palmetto Bay, was convinced by his 10-year-old son to rescue the abandoned piano.

“Every morning, he’d get up and read the paper to see if it was still there,” Bentulan told the Miami Herald. “I finally said, `OK, let’s give it a try.’ ”

A towing team removed the piano on Thursday.

The piano is completely trashed and is unplayable (and probably doesn’t smell very good at this point). But Bentulan says he will put it in his living room.

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* It really was (probably still is) a magnificent sculpture. I never participated in any painting expeditions, though. My frat – yes, I belonged to one – did not paint the statue. We thought that was for inferior organizations.

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