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Happy Groundhog Day

Oh, joy. A major – really major – blizzard appears to be setting up for a huge section of the United States: A Groundhog Day Blizzard can shut down the Chicago area under feet of snow fueled by a bone-chilling … Continue reading

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Threat To Mosque – Maybe Not What It Seems

This just popped at Memeorandum – I had seen it a short time before over at Fox News. Basically, a 63-year old California man was apprehended outside a mosque in Dearborn, Michigan mosque with “explosives” – actually identified as “Class … Continue reading

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Two Californias

I missed this when it was first published at NRO. Victor Davis Hanson did a little bit of a survey of the conditions on the ground in California. The results are far from pretty: Many of the rural trailer-house compounds … Continue reading

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Critical Security Patches For Internet Explorer

Two workarounds are out for two very nasty flaws in Microsoft Internet Explorer. The fixes can be downloaded and installed from here and here (I installed them in that order). No kidding, folks, if you use IE at all, you … Continue reading

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Location, Location, Location

Perfect. Just perfect. Tweet

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Hamas In Egypt?

Stratfor says they have a source who says so. They have no confirmation of it, yet, however: The Egyptian police are no longer patrolling the Rafah border crossing into Gaza. Hamas armed men are entering into Egypt and are closely … Continue reading

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