Happy Groundhog Day

Oh, joy. A major – really major – blizzard appears to be setting up for a huge section of the United States:

A Groundhog Day Blizzard can shut down the Chicago area under feet of snow fueled by a bone-chilling arctic wave that will have Super Bowl fanatics in Dallas shivering.

This major winter storm will peak in intensity Tuesday night into Wednesday, Groundhog’s Day.

As Expert Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski explained earlier millions of people will be affected.

An arctic blast plummeting into the Rockies and Plains over the next couple of days will set the stage for snow to be measured in feet from Columbia, Mo., to Peoria and Chicago, Ill., Tuesday into Wednesday.

Unfortunately, I happen to be under the path of this beast. Although it appears right now that my area will not get the several feet of snow treatment. That can, of course, change at any time.

Note to self, get gas can filled for snowblower. Might really need it.

I hate winter. I really do.

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3 Responses to Happy Groundhog Day

  1. Maggie says:


  2. feeblemind says:

    Indeed Gaius. I hate Winter too. Harder on me every year it seems. Hard on the livestock, hard on the equipment.

    We have a skiff here this a.m. in south central Nebraska. 6″+ was forecast for the next day or so, but I am hopeful it won’t be that bad. OTOH bitter cold is arriving. Probably not as cold as your neck of the woods but 10/-10 is bad enough for highs and lows.

    At least you have a snow blower. Back in the day my Dad sent me out with a shovel.

  3. Gaius says:

    I’ve done my share of shoveling and then some, feeblemind. I grew up in the lake effect zone near Lake Ontario. Hence the snow blower!

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