The Great White North Midwest

ABC News is reporting it as an “Enormous storm packing a punch forecasters say hasn’t been seen in years.”  We are already under the beast and have had icing all day with up to six inches of snow tonight and tomorrow. And we have it good:

More than 18 inches of snow is predicted for many cities and the National Weather Service warns of 60 mph winds in open areas, up to 10-foot snow drifts and up to an inch of freezing rain. The NWS has issued a blizzard watch for southern Wisconsin, northern Illinois and northwest Indiana for Tuesday and Wednesday.

The storm will also bring dangerously low temperatures to the region. Wind chills of 40 degrees below zero are possible for parts of North Dakota, South Dakota and other sections of the Midwest. Southern states could be affected too; tornadoes and thunderstorms are possible as a result of the storm.

Chicago is currently forecast to receive 18 inches of snow. The record is 23 inches, set in 1967, which was almost eclipsed in 1999 when the city received 21.6 inches of snow. According to records dating to 1886 the city gets a storm of more than 10 inches about every three years, but only gets a 15 inch snow about once every 19 years.

What we are forecast to get are bitter, bitter cold and high winds with arctic wind chills of -32° F or worse. This will make six inches of snow into a formidable enemy as it blows across roads and bridges. My youngest boy was ordered to go home this morning by my wife after he got stuck in traffic after multiple traffic accidents on the interstate. We expect schools to be closed tomorrow and both of us brought work home in anticipation of impassible roads tomorrow.

And we’re the lucky ones this time.

But seriously folks, especially those of you with four wheel drive, SLOW DOWN out there if you have to drive in this. This makes me crazy every time it snows. Every car you pass that’s sitting in a ditch got there because someone was driving too fast for the conditions. Whether it was the car’s driver or the yahoo who would not slow down who caused the accident, every one is there because of excessive speed.

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2 Responses to The Great White North Midwest

  1. Terrence says:

    Four wheel drives, AWD, Winter tires, etc are only things that keep you out of the ditch a little longer; and maybe not much longer if drive too fast.

    I heard about a survey that showed women have fewer accidents (including hitting the ditch) than men do. And it is all because women slow down on snowy roads; men do not.

    Speaking of all that snow and cold – doncha just love AGW? It “causes” everything!

  2. Terrence says:

    Revision –
    I heard about a survey that showed women have fewer accidents [in snowy conditions] (including hitting the ditch) than men do.

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