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Fleebaggers In Paradise


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Liars And Thieves

So, Wisconsin teachers lie to get out of work so they can attend their Obama-organized protest in the capitol. They fraudulently collect sick pay off the taxpayers in that state. And they get lying doctors to sign excuses for them. … Continue reading

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Boom, Boom, Black Sheep

Who’s bright idea was it to feed TNT to sheep? In 2004, Craig discovered that the bacteria in a sheep’s stomach that help digest cellulose can also rapidly convert TNT into a harmless compound. In recent experiments, he and researchers … Continue reading

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Talk About A Bad Idea

All this past week, stories have been popping up about how, soon, everyone will be using their phone to pay for purchases. What a fabulously lousy idea. I’m immediately reminded of the online scams that took place during the modem … Continue reading

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Via regular reader feeblemind comes this clip of the IBM-designed Watson on Jeopardy. It’s a very impressive display of computer programming from the short video available. Call it artificial artificial intelligence at this point. But the future is looming in … Continue reading

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Coup, Coup, Ca, Choo, Redux

And finally, 24 hours late, the military seizes control of Egypt, forcing Mubarak (and apparently his new vice president, as well) to step aside. President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt resigned his post and turned over all power to the military … Continue reading

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Up Periscopes

The picture says it all. The Animal Uprising™ has U-Boats. Tweet

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Coup, Coup, Ca, Choo

Be careful what you wish for. Egypt appears to be under control of its military today. Thousands of protesters have gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square awaiting word on whether Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak will stay in office amid conflicting reports … Continue reading

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And Still More Bleak

The latest Gallup Poll shows that a whopping 27% of Americans approve of Obama’s handling of the deficit. 68%, however, are very, very unhappy with the same issue. These are not strong results on most of the issues, even when … Continue reading

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Bleak And Getting Bleaker

Senator Jim Webb, D-Virginia, will not run again. Instead he will retire after a single term. Virginia Democratic Senator Jim Webb plans to announce today that he won’t seek reelection, the Senator confirmed Wednesday. Webb appeared likely to face a … Continue reading

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Out With The Old Serfs, In With The New

This is rich. Having thoroughly pissed off her original serfs by cashing in on the content that the serfs built for free, Arianna Huffington is planning to bring in new serfs to provide free content for her newly AOL-acquired Huffnpuffpo. … Continue reading

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Obama Didn’t Raise Taxes Once…

…No, he raised them dozens of times. Any thinking American had a “jaw hit the floor” moment when Obama made the utterly absurd (but literally true in one nuanced sense) claim that he had not raised taxes once on Sunday. … Continue reading

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Texas Flood

Via the Daily Mail, we can finally understand what Stevie Ray Vaughan was really singing about in his classic, Texas Flood. (Have the SRV video playing before you watch the one from the Mail article. It improves the ambiance.) Tweet

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The Green Black Hole

Sucking down millions in taxpayer money and delivering exactly nothing, a “green” startup goes bust: To turn wood chips into ethanol fuel, George W. Bush’s Department of Energy in February 2007 announced a $76 million grant to Range Fuels for … Continue reading

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Arianna Gets Rich

Off the free labor she enticed into writing for her: The Huffington Post, which began in 2005 with a meager $1 million investment and has grown into one of the most heavily visited news Web sites in the country, is … Continue reading

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