Think It’s Cold Now?

Joe Bastardi at Accuweather is worried about the next two – potentially much colder – winters.

The current La Niña, which kicked in this past summer, is unprecedented after becoming the strongest on record in December 2010. Bastardi thinks this La Niña will last into next year, though it will be weaker, and will not disappear completely until 2012.

According to Bastardi, studies over the past 100 years or so show that after the first winter following the onset of a La Niña, the next several winters thereafter tend to be colder than normal in the U.S.

He says the first winter during a La Niña tends to be warm. The next winter that follows is usually less warm, and the winter after that is usually cold.

“There’s a natural tendency for that to happen because of the large-scale factors,” Bastardi commented. “What’s interesting about what we’re seeing here is that [the current La Niña] is starting so cold.”

In other words, this should be the warmest of the three winters if history holds true. That’s a cheery thought, isn’t it? Worse yet, we’re starting from the most powerful La Niña in recorded history.

Yes, Algore is quoting journalists to “prove” that cold and snow are logical results from inputting heat into the global system. Not scientists, journalists – leftward tilting ones at that. Let’s ignore the wholesale violations of the laws of physics and thermodynamics implicit in Gore’s claims and just focus on what he considers proof. Yeesh.

I’ll take Bastardi’s thoughts on the matter over get-rich-quick hypocrites like Gore, any day.

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